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Online Content Specialist


Are you a small business in need of the tools in order to grow and reach your surrounding community? 

Web development fit hand in hand with the growth of my photography. As I learned more ways to make my work searchable online I gained more viewers, more jobs, and more opportunity. I did this by adding in the correct Key Words, keeping my social pages active, blogging, creating new stories and images, always pushing new content to my viewers. 

So, are you that small business looking for a major boost in your online presence? Here is what I have to offer you, things that might seem a bit tedious to link up yourself, but through natehphoto can all be linked together in one package. 

Web Site Design

      - SEO Integration

      -Creative Writing for Key Word Optimization

      -Connection into google analytics, know your audience


      - Product photography

      - Models, I bring you access to male and female models, local people who are also looking to increase their portfolio. This saves you the hassle of finding your own Models whether through an agency or by having to look them up. 

      -Editing. Lets create your look for you. From the photography through the editing process I listen to my clients needs and adjust accordingly. 

     -Metadata Tagging images is a crucial way to ensure your imagery points to your WebSite. 


Social Media

-Most small businesses need roughly 10 hours worth of Social Media posting a month, depending on how hard you are pushing a product or how quickly you intend to grow. (quotes differ for every business). What I offer is again, Photography, Models, Product Photography, Creative Writing, Blogging, and of course where your Social Media should start from, your personal WebSite.  


I design using Squarespace for several reason. 

Its cutting edge, clean, and integrated with Google. Your brand new website will be crawled by google immediately where all the information within will be used to make your site searchable. 

Its a hand off site. I’m not writing your site in code, its not a foreign language to you. Its actually very simple to understand and can be picked up with a little bit of practice. I design in Squarespace to get you off on the right tract, to embed your SEO and all other necessary, tedious information, then if you want to take over to maintain updates you will be able to do so.  

Its the most Social friendly site I have ever found. Make your website the root of marketing, bringing your viewers right back to where you want them, your store. 

When you get tired of the old look, simply make a new one. Squarespace updates formats for websites continually, bringing you new looks and exciting updates. If you find yourself tiring of the way your site looks I can be hired at an hourly rate to make adjustments to the layout, again without having to type out and design a completely new site. The information built into your site crosses over from template to template seamlessly. 

No more 2nd parties. Squarespace allows you to purchase your URL and maintain that along with your site. Its an all in one WebSite. 

Ready to move forward and gain reach? Let’s get started on your content today.

Florida Boat Rentals

Florida Boat Rentals

Florida Boat Rentals on the Indian River Lagoon, Vero Beach, FL. 

Since the creation of this site they are up %30 on rentals from this time last year. A good site will keep your business going even in the off months.

Treasure Coast Seaplanes

Treasure Coast Seaplanes

Website designed for Treasure Coast Seaplanes, Vero Beach, FL. 

Launching a brand new business and need to start somewhere? Creating Content for your new adventure is the kickstart you need. New images and video along with a new site setup to flourish on Social Platforms can become a driving power behind your business.

"Thank you very much for helping us get our business off the ground quickly by providing quality photographs and developing our website. The clean, simple style provided by Square Space appeals to us and is consistent with the image we wish to project. It is a pleasure working with you and we appreciate your ongoing efforts to fine-tune our website so we may convey our desired message effectively to our target audience." 

Many Thanks,

Michael & Sheena Hoover

Treasure Coast Seaplanes

Vero Beach, FL

Portfolio-Vero Beach

Portfolio-Vero Beach

Portfolio is a Vero Beach, Fl Publication. 

Owner, Editor, and Writer Penny Tranchilla brought me into Portfolio to create, and keep her website updated with compelling, local content which can relate to all of Indian River County. 

She publishes my stories and photographs in the Magazine as well as this site.