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"the Dredge" 30x40 on Metal w/ Float Mount.

"the Dredge" 30x40 on Metal w/ Float Mount.


This image was taken in February 2016 in southern Florida during Winter Storm Mars. I was running up the beach and drifting down in the water shooting surf, the current was so strong but the surf was just spectacular! One time as I was running back up the beach I figured it would be a great view of this wave to see it from the top of the sand dunes behind all the machinery. I ran up there, framed a few images including this one, and almost immediately I had construction workers running at me shouting for me to get down and back to the water. The rest of the day the construction workers were not allowing anyone to approach the sand dunes, so I am the only who got the shot while ruining it for everyone else... sorry about that! 

Its a great shot and was ran by Surfing Magazine in their featured update on the swell. I personally will never forget how perfect this day was in Southern Florida. 

This print can be custom ordered to fit your home or office. 


-Nathaniel Harrington. 

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