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When its Flat, Go dive with Ben Classen.

It's been pretty flat in Southern California the past few weeks, which makes for an awesome dive!

Don't ever be bummed out when there's not waves, take the opportunity to go visit the creatures of the sea and get a little more comfortable playing in the water.  

Ben Classen and I did some snorkeling in south Laguna. I love seeing the kelp and other growth here! It's really different from Maui or other tropical places as such because here the ocean is teaming with sea grass and kelp forests. It makes it feel a little erie and sometimes can be uncomfortable, you never know what's lurking in or around these huge forests... hopefully a shark or two, some seals, stingrays, and lots of fish, you just never know. We didn't see anything more than some fish and rays this day, but always amazing to be in the water none the less. 

Check out the photos from our epic little adventure.