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Sailing SunFish Saturday's.

Here are a couple long over due photos, as well as today's new Epic shots, of Called Higher's sunfish sailing Saturday's. Check out the fun we are having! I know you want in on this... you'll have to hit up Mr. Williams and join Called Higher! 

Enjoy the Sea Dreaming. 

Setting up the rigging for the day of fun sailing! 

This is "Sea Dreaming" at its best. 

Heather Brown on a closed reach getting the most out of the wind on her Mini Sun Fish. 

Here's Dono making the most out of the winds! My favorite shot from the day. Dono knows how to sail well and he can sail fast. 

Guys I had another one of the best days ever. I love these fun little sail boats and I really can't wait to put new learned skills to the Sea someday. 

Thanks for checking in and I hope you also had a great Saturday! 


-Nathaniel Harrington