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White Balance, ESM Feature.

Special thanks to Eastern Surf Magazine for throwing this in their White Balance collection. Chauncey and I are stoked! 

“The morning that Chauncey Robinson and I linked up for this shot was no different from many other sunrises we’ve seen,” says Florida photographer Nathaniel Harrington. “Very few people were taking advantage of the surf, and the epic sunrise allowed us to get multiple chances to score some shots. There was no wind and it was chest-high at the crack of dawn — perfect conditions for Sebastian Inlet. I personally enjoy wide-angle shots from a distance, as it creates negative space while including the surroundings. I had a few great sequences of Chauncey's brother Wiley, some more air shots, and even some barrels, but this one stood out to me as a little more interesting. I think it's that touch of a fantastic Florida sunrise framed behind the surfer, along with the silhouettes of the fishermen on the jetty, that get me the most. It's the feel of the inlet at its best. The rest is history and it's back to hunting for more sunrises, glassy mornings, and good surfing with the locals. Shot with an SPL water housing, Canon 50D, and Tokina 10-17mm lens.”

Cheers! Lets go shoot some more! 

-Nathaniel Harrington