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River Lee Harrington



Experiencing the life of my daughter River has to be the neatest thing to ever happen to my life. Seeing this little girl that has so much of her Mother and myself in her, yet so independent and unique in everything she likes and does. 

Last evening River and I were at the fountains in Vero Beach playing around with bubbles, shooting photos and such.. She sat down on the concrete corner for on of the pillars and her facial expression was one I haven't yet seen. How can this 2 1/2 year old even contemplate like that? Her mother is an amazing model ( and I see River following in those steps. 

Yes, she was very happy and filled with joy while we were playing, we just were able to capture one of her still moments with a serious face. I actually had her do it twice which she re created the expression with no issues at all. 

All around I am feeling like a proud dad with a huge blessing of a family. Praising the Lord for it daily. :) 

My little thinker. Its cool to see her noticing more and more of her surroundings. 

She is the cutest. That modeling talent is shining bright in her. 

Again just so blessed. 

Thank you for checking out my site and have an awesome Sunday. 


-Nathaniel Harrington


Maddie Peterson

With summer upon us Maddie and myself think its time for you to take every extra step and protect your skin!  

Maddie Peterson was in town a month ago for the WSL Pro Jr in Cocoa Beach. She was kind enough to model a few shots for me and SunBum. Limited on windows to shoot we had to go for the middle of the day harsh light conditions, which is always challenging, but then again it does make pretty good sense for sunscreen. 

Maddie is a beautiful person and an awesome surfer rising in the ranks of women's professional surfing as well as professional modeling. Make sure to follow her feed @maddiepeterson_ and enjoy the photos! 

Portraits of Maddie Peterson in Cocoa Beach, Fl for SunBum

One of my favorites, the 30 SPF zinc facestick. This product works better than any other sunscreen I have used. Thanks SunBum!

Again thanks Maddie for the shots and smiles and thank you SunBum for all you do for the surfing community! Protect your skin! 

-Nathaniel Harrington

@natehphoto @SunBum @maddiepeterson_ 

Tatum Harrington with The Sea and Me.

Tatum and I have again had the fun chance to work together for a small jewelry maker, The Sea and Me. We love doing these photo shoots together just to see what we can create, and to help other small business owners get some great content to share with their social media platforms. 

Here's the shoot. 

That was really fun and Tatum is just oh so gorgeous! 

Write to us if you need any help with your media(modeling, social, networking) We would love to do a photo shoot for you! 

Thanks a ton! 

-Nathaniel Harrington

One Life Jewelry with Tatum Harrington.

My wife and I are working on a collaboration with One Life jewelry... This is fun and beautiful. 

I can only give you a sneak peak at this moment because it is top secret... :p 

The Collab is between my portfolio site,, One Life Jewelry, and myself as the photographer, my beautuful wife is the Model! Very Exciting!!! 

Can't wait until I can share more. 

Tatum Harrington with One Life Jewelry. 

Tatum Harrington with One Life Jewelry. 

Very Beautiful!!! :) 


-Nathaniel Harrington