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MN for the weekend.

Just got back from a really fun 3 day trip to freezing cold MN.

River's first plane ride, more snow in the midwest than I've ever seen, empty lift lines and powder runs at Trollhaugen, WI, sums it all up well. 

I got to go snowboarding with my good friends Austin Young and Eric Ralles. I really never have seen so much snow at the resorts, its wild!! We had an epic powder day at troll, one that I will never forget. 

Here's a few of those moments... 

To top off the weekend we had to go shoot some guns. You can't go to MN without shooting guns! 

I love it up there. 

There's no place like home! 

photo 1.JPG

A special thanks to my family for the awesome weekend. Love and miss you all.   :) 

Thanks for checking out the blog. 


-Nathaniel & the Harrington's. 


Throw Back.

Somethings I miss in life. As I look back at these days I smile knowing I pursued a career in snowboard photography as hard as I could for a long time, and it paid off! It tought me so much. I'm thankful and Stoked. With out these days I wouldn't be doing what I am now as well as I can. 

PS. I do miss freezing my butt of on these frigid winter nights. 

Cody Biersdorf.