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Some Evenings Are Better Than Others.


It seems like every time I get in the water there is a new look, a new surprise waiting for me. This last week I saw that there was probably going to be a little bump in the water with some good wind conditions, so after work I cruised down to the beach. I found a pretty spectacular sight! 

Vero Beach has always amazed me with surf conditions. Here's why! 


Glassy Perfection. 


I loved how the light was bouncing off the clouds and water. This is a good example of using light to create interest in water photography. 


The Canon 70D is a machine when it comes to capturing detail. This image has some outstanding focus. 


This Beautiful image is now my most liked photo on Instagram. The lighting is not something you see every evening. 


The Surf & Sand Hotel is quickly disappearing... 


Another Favorite of mine from this evening. Perfect a-frames rolling through as Vero boasts its beautiful sunset colors. 


Glassy, electric feelings. 


After the sun had set with just minutes of light left Tatum jumped in the water to help me capture the best image of the evening. Nothing more stunning than my beautiful wife! Love you Tatum. 

Thanks so much for stopping in! Please share if you dig the photos! Any of these are available for prints as well. :) 

-Nathaniel Harrington