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Some Evenings Are Better Than Others.


It seems like every time I get in the water there is a new look, a new surprise waiting for me. This last week I saw that there was probably going to be a little bump in the water with some good wind conditions, so after work I cruised down to the beach. I found a pretty spectacular sight! 

Vero Beach has always amazed me with surf conditions. Here's why! 


Glassy Perfection. 


I loved how the light was bouncing off the clouds and water. This is a good example of using light to create interest in water photography. 


The Canon 70D is a machine when it comes to capturing detail. This image has some outstanding focus. 


This Beautiful image is now my most liked photo on Instagram. The lighting is not something you see every evening. 


The Surf & Sand Hotel is quickly disappearing... 


Another Favorite of mine from this evening. Perfect a-frames rolling through as Vero boasts its beautiful sunset colors. 


Glassy, electric feelings. 


After the sun had set with just minutes of light left Tatum jumped in the water to help me capture the best image of the evening. Nothing more stunning than my beautiful wife! Love you Tatum. 

Thanks so much for stopping in! Please share if you dig the photos! Any of these are available for prints as well. :) 

-Nathaniel Harrington

Friday Morning.

Good Morning! 

I have a fun post for you here! Last Friday was one of those winter mornings that make me really appreciate Vero Beach. My pre-sunrise swim with some very good looking Barrels. 

Have a look at what I was able to capture last week. 


For I am the LORD your God, who stirs up the sea so that its waves roar-- the LORD Almighty is his name. -Isaiah 51:15


I'm so thankful for the beauty we have within our daily reach. We live in an amazing place. 

thanks for checking in! 

-Nathaniel Harrington

The last month or so...

Hey Guys! 

Better to post about it later than never I guess... Here's a few shots that I have acquired from the past few weeks or so. Not sure which ones have been posted on Social Media, but its always more fun to see them on a larger screen anyways, right?! I've been meaning to post about this last month and all its swell stories but one thing has just led to another. So I finally gathered together a couple of my favorite shots and am about to tell you about them. So check it out! 


This is from one beautiful morning here in Vero Beach. There's nothing better than the anticipation of waling up pre-sunrise and praying that you're not getting out of bed for nothing. That first sight at the beach is either a great relief and a ton of excitement, or the just worst thing ever. This was the best thing ever. 

After getting into the water, same day as above photo, this is the reward. Perfection. 

One more from the above day. Sometimes these insiders get that foam on the face of the wave and I really like it. I'd give it a thumbs up if I could. Anyways, love the pier angle on this shot too! That was a great morning. 


This is Blake Speir. If you go up to Sebastian Inlet you can watch him rip waves with a ton of other Groms. They all kill it, blake especially. Behind the wave shots are tricky to get them to look right, I think this one turned out very well and I love that the guy in the background on the pier is in the middle of catching a 6ft Bull Shark... We watched as he pulled it in onto the sand and just about every surfer in the line-up began to yell, "Let It Go!!". That was rad. 

And this is where Blake gets it from, his dad David Speir.   You can find this shot featured on ESM's Hurricane Gonzalo update found at this URL:  Check it out and thanks ESM for all the support lately! 

And this is where Blake gets it from, his dad David Speir. 

You can find this shot featured on ESM's Hurricane Gonzalo update found at this URL:

Check it out and thanks ESM for all the support lately! 


This is from one of those days that I wish would never end. It was a Sunday morning and I had just enough time to go shoot before I went to Church. I've seen glassy conditions like this only a couple of times on the ocean. The next few images will show you what I mean. 

Glass. i've done no editing to this photo, didn't need it. 

Perfect view of the Pier. 

This is the glass I'm talking about. Reflective perfection. 

gosh, take me back to this morning! 

I have so many images from this session that it was difficult to pick out which ones I should add to this blog post. I decided on these few somehow.. not sure how. It seemed like every wave that passed by me was perfect and the shots are each different and unique in their own way. I guess these few just got my attention long enough to get them here. And thankfully its not a 240+ image blog post, cause it easily could have been. 


This will be my last image for this post. I shot this image during Hurricane Edouard and I don't think I posted much about it on the blog yet.. sorry. Again this was just perfection in surf. I got a couple great barrel shots of Dieter Humpsch this evening also. It was all just lost in the scramble to upload the photos to the computer as fast as I can so that I have card space to get back into the water and keep shooting.


Its safe to say that my instagram gets the better half of my attention when it comes to updated postings. So if you don't follow me there, you should! @natehphoto 

Thanks for checking out this evenings image uploads and please feel free to share my site and blog with friends. :) 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Surf SBI.

Yesterday morning brought in some pretty clean surf conditions! Much needed this week. 

I got out there with a few friends; Keith Mahon, Tom Fletcher, and John Buehrig. This is what we found. 

Pelican's Surf. 

Not too bad for a humpday. 

I also got out this morning and found some un-surfable shorebreak. The colors were all there this morning. I'll post more of this later after I get a chance to go through them. 

Hope you guys got some surf or a least relaxation! 

Thanks for checkin in! 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Right or Left?

Though neither of these waves are surfable, they sure do make for great "Mind Surfing". Here's two A-Frames to dream about. 

How about this 2ft face to peak through. 

Same day, almost the same spot as the previous, this 2ft face shows a little more texture on the lip as water meets water. 

There's plenty more of these to come. The conditions have been a little on the small side to surf, but pretty perfect for getting awesome Surf Art. 

Let me know which frame is your favorite! 

Thanks for checkin in, 

-Nathaniel Harrington