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Clean Vs Chop.

Post could also be titled Morning Vs Evening... But I'll save that for another day. 

Here's two barrels that I had open on my desktop from recent shoots. The first is from a few weeks ago in the morning, and the second is from a beautiful sunset this evening. 

Which is better? 

Morning Glass with some off shore winds and a touch of backwash. This wave if near perfect. 

Pounding on shore winds with senseless surf pushing in, a ridiculously awesome flare that somehow barreled, and a beautiful sunset. 

Gotta love the uniqueness of surf. 

Thanks for checkin in! 





Check these out.. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on with them while I was editing... I had to take a double take a couple times because I've never had this happen before. I shot twins. Yes, twins. 

The first wave was shot about an hour before the second.. Same spot, same sandbar, same shape and break. Its cool to see how the conditions that day stayed so consistent and perfect. 

Take One. 

Take Two. 

That's pretty wild. 

I love shooting here in Vero. So amped! I'll be moving my family over here this week and couldn't be more excited. 

Thanks for checking in guys! 

-Nathaniel Harrington

Shoots! In the water with a 40mm, Part One.

Hello Friends! 

It's been on my mind for a while now to start shooting in the water with my 40mm & 50mm lenses. This morning as I was loading my camera into the housing watching the surf come in I was struggling with wanting to put my 10mm on the camera knowing that it would produce me amazing shots, however, I forced myself to change that comfort lens to try something new. I have shot in the water with a 50mm a couple of times and its hard! major props to everyone that can shoot with that perspective well! So it's a little scary to be sitting there on the beach leaving your go-to lens in the bag thinking that the whole morning could be ruined with the frustrations of not getting the focus and angles right. I would hate to waste perfect conditions. But.... Well, I tried the 40mm, and I think I like it a lot. I feel it makes sense, especially in conditions like these. You judge. 

I can easily start my day at 6am everyday to see a sunrise like this. 

Conditions were... pretttttyyy good. 

What do you think of these shots? I think the top is maybe one of my favorite shots of all time. The lip of the wave on the second is pretty amazing though also! 

Solid 2-3ft Shorebreak, medium tides... And I love the Backwash that happens in these conditions in Vero Beach. Razor Back barrel. 

Two fun shots. 

What do you guys think of this wave? I'm trippin on the second... :D 

I've seen hundreds of East Coast Barrel shots like this... and I never ever get tired of it! I'm just so thankful that I'm getting a few for myself. I love the look of East Coast barrels!! 

I posted this one on Instagram earlier today and was getting a few comments on it. Its different for sure. This is what I was looking for this morning. A perspective that just can't be show with a wide-angle lens. 

One second later and the housing is smashing my nose in as I get thrown by the wave. haha. So worth it, every time. 

I feel some prints coming soon.. :) I know I am in need of some wall art and I am pretty sure I got it this morning. Days like these don't happen too often. All the elements came together on this one. I'll be posting more soon due to lack of time this evening. I can tell you this, I don't think I posted the best tonight, I will later this week.  

Stoked!! Thanks a ton for checking in, 

-Nathaniel Harrington