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Winter Months.

Tiss the Season... for surf. 

Here's another great morning we had at Sebastian Inlet last week. Chest high fun with Chauncey Robinson, Wiley Robinson, Paul Reineke, and Dave Speir. 

What a morning to wake up and go for a surf. 

That's a view that will never get old. Chauncey Robinson soaking it all in. 

That's a view that will never get old. Chauncey Robinson soaking it all in. 

A little foggy, amazing colors, couldn't ask for more. 

the chaun. 

The first barrel was an almost amazing shot. 

There were some super fun close out sections and the guys lit them up. Chauncey closed this one out with a bang. 

Glassy Moment. 

Glassy Moment. 


How are these next two shots for a winter scene. These frames make me shiver just looking at them. 

Icy Peak. 

Wiley Robinson making it Snow. 

Above sequence, Paul Reineke tagged that close-out hard. 

Above Sequence, I love watching Dave Speir surf. Such clean, powerful style. 

Chauncey follows right in Dave's footsteps. 

I think rainbows are attracted to Chauncey... they just follow him around. 

Hows this for a hollow surprise. No takers. 

Wiley Robinson found this nugget! That will make getting up early worth it every time. 

Speir knows where to find the drainers. 

Speir, again... 

This is the best. Check out that guy on the pier rocking his powered wheel chair with more rods than a charter boat. Goals. 

Stoked to have such a rad crew at the inlet. 

Thank you all for visiting! 

-Nathaniel Harrington

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Sebastian Inlet, Sunrises and Sunsets.

Christmas break surf has been pretty fun! I was able to get a really good evening and morning mesh at Sebastian Inlet recently. The colors are what really get me! Florida has some beautiful seasons to enjoy! 

Here's the pics. 

Chauncey Robinson started off the fun with this indie air reverse. Sorry about the water spots.. :/ 

Nathan Gallagher was surfing with a fury during my sunset sesh. Every other wave that came in, he was on it displacing some water!  

Paul Reinecke doing what he does best. 

The next morning... 

Wiley Robinson getting his legs warmed up for the day with some seriously mean turns. 

My Pastor, Jim Gallagher, teaching all the groms how to lay it down proper.  

Chauncey, Indie Air Reverse with the morning light. 

It's not always my focus to try to shoot the wedging barrel that takes place at first peak, but it sure can look nice when its right! Here's Wiley tucking in on a fun backlit one. 

Wiley a second later. 

Jim Gallagher looked like he was having an "on fire" morning out there, the sky showed its color as well. 

Every once in a while this happens. Chauncey right at home. 

Such a fun time shooting with all the guys out there! Here's the rest in a gallery to wet your appetite for the next swell to come. 

Thanks for checking in! 

Enjoy your time in the water, 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Clear water tunnels.

And I almost left the camera at home thinking that there was no possible way waves would be breaking... That turned into me running full speed back to the car to get the camera that I thankfully brought! 

I was pretty amped to come across a few nuggets this morning in crystal clear water. The wind was a tad heavy on it, which gave just a bit more texture than I would have liked. I think if it could have been just a touch more melo we could have seen the bottom and out the back in every barrel. The water is Beautful! I'll try again another day. :) 

Enjoy the slideshow! there's some great shots in there. 


Even got to see a Nurse Shark without having to snorkel! It came swimming straight up to my feet, by the time I put the camera in the water she had turned to leave.. oh well. It was cool to see the sea life out and about in such prime conditions. 

Thats a great start to the weekend!  Hope everyone enjoys theirs! 


-Nathaniel Harrington


Right or Left?

Though neither of these waves are surfable, they sure do make for great "Mind Surfing". Here's two A-Frames to dream about. 

How about this 2ft face to peak through. 

Same day, almost the same spot as the previous, this 2ft face shows a little more texture on the lip as water meets water. 

There's plenty more of these to come. The conditions have been a little on the small side to surf, but pretty perfect for getting awesome Surf Art. 

Let me know which frame is your favorite! 

Thanks for checkin in, 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Vero Beach Shorebreak, Post 2.

Here is another MegaPost! Barrels from this past weekend.. I was a kid in a candy store out there.. It seemed as if every wave that came in was just perfectly shaped and had something neat to offer. 

This post will be the second of three post from the weekend. I do have some more that I can't wait to show. But, first check these out. Let me know what you think! Vero Beach is potentially one of the best spots I have shot surf at, only time will tell, it may just become my favorite spot and these photos say why. 

The above is a wide angle shot from saturday. I put that there as a comparison to the following 40mm shots I got. The difference really was in form though... The waves were good on the weekend, but perfectly shaped on Monday Morning. 

Little amounts of perfection in every wave. 

The above is yet another all time favorite. I love the color coming in from behind the wave. I think the water was super blue and when the sun hit it, it created a beautiful green. Awesome! 

Above: Form & Perfection!

The above two images are instances of Focus. I love the focus right in the barrel of the wave on the larger barrel, and the close focus on the second smaller wave. 

I'm digging this stretch of beach. I can't wait to share more! I can't wait to shoot here again.. I've gone out now a handful of times and its never been over 3ft. I know it can get better than this, and from what I hear it will get much better than this. Yay! This is going to be fun. 

Thanks so much for checking in! Please share, there's a few options below to share on different Social platforms.. :) 

-Nathaniel Harrington. 

Shoots! In the water with a 40mm, Part One.

Hello Friends! 

It's been on my mind for a while now to start shooting in the water with my 40mm & 50mm lenses. This morning as I was loading my camera into the housing watching the surf come in I was struggling with wanting to put my 10mm on the camera knowing that it would produce me amazing shots, however, I forced myself to change that comfort lens to try something new. I have shot in the water with a 50mm a couple of times and its hard! major props to everyone that can shoot with that perspective well! So it's a little scary to be sitting there on the beach leaving your go-to lens in the bag thinking that the whole morning could be ruined with the frustrations of not getting the focus and angles right. I would hate to waste perfect conditions. But.... Well, I tried the 40mm, and I think I like it a lot. I feel it makes sense, especially in conditions like these. You judge. 

I can easily start my day at 6am everyday to see a sunrise like this. 

Conditions were... pretttttyyy good. 

What do you think of these shots? I think the top is maybe one of my favorite shots of all time. The lip of the wave on the second is pretty amazing though also! 

Solid 2-3ft Shorebreak, medium tides... And I love the Backwash that happens in these conditions in Vero Beach. Razor Back barrel. 

Two fun shots. 

What do you guys think of this wave? I'm trippin on the second... :D 

I've seen hundreds of East Coast Barrel shots like this... and I never ever get tired of it! I'm just so thankful that I'm getting a few for myself. I love the look of East Coast barrels!! 

I posted this one on Instagram earlier today and was getting a few comments on it. Its different for sure. This is what I was looking for this morning. A perspective that just can't be show with a wide-angle lens. 

One second later and the housing is smashing my nose in as I get thrown by the wave. haha. So worth it, every time. 

I feel some prints coming soon.. :) I know I am in need of some wall art and I am pretty sure I got it this morning. Days like these don't happen too often. All the elements came together on this one. I'll be posting more soon due to lack of time this evening. I can tell you this, I don't think I posted the best tonight, I will later this week.  

Stoked!! Thanks a ton for checking in, 

-Nathaniel Harrington