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A life time of creating. 

Clear water tunnels.

And I almost left the camera at home thinking that there was no possible way waves would be breaking... That turned into me running full speed back to the car to get the camera that I thankfully brought! 

I was pretty amped to come across a few nuggets this morning in crystal clear water. The wind was a tad heavy on it, which gave just a bit more texture than I would have liked. I think if it could have been just a touch more melo we could have seen the bottom and out the back in every barrel. The water is Beautful! I'll try again another day. :) 

Enjoy the slideshow! there's some great shots in there. 


Even got to see a Nurse Shark without having to snorkel! It came swimming straight up to my feet, by the time I put the camera in the water she had turned to leave.. oh well. It was cool to see the sea life out and about in such prime conditions. 

Thats a great start to the weekend!  Hope everyone enjoys theirs! 


-Nathaniel Harrington