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April Swell Part Two

Part two to my post a few days ago. This is the way our afternoon went at Sebastian Inlet. Getting tubed!! 

I don't feel like typing so enjoy the photos! 

Chauncey Robinson. 

Wiley Robinson

Chauncey Robinson

Jade Morgan

Caroline Marks

Florida's Favorite gal ripper. 

Caroline Marks Surfing at Sebastian Inlet, FL. Photography by Nathaniel Harrington

It was rad to see Caroline get to enjoy her home breaks lefts again. Stoked to be there to capture it! 

Later Doods! 

Thank you for visiting my site! 

-Nathaniel Harrington

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April Swell Part One

where did da waves go man? 

Crazy days.

We all saw the forecast for this swell at least two weeks out and boy did it look promising for a few of those first days. Surfline called for 9-11ft at first, then it dropped to 1-3ft with bad winds, then about the day of the swell it called for 4-5ft with occasional 7ft and solid off shore winds. Thats when we all got hyped and started to lose our minds and that is when the alarm clocks go off at 4am and the coffee gets brewed on triple strength. Haha, typical FL stuff... The real story always unfolds when you walk up to the sand and get your first sight of whats really happening. 

No complaints from me on what turned out to truthfully be a 1-3 ft day with really strong offshore winds. It let us down a little in the morning, but we literally spent the entire day trying to find what we were looking for, and all that time spent searching turned into an honest day's work with a great reward, as usual I would say. 

Check out the gallery of Central Florida having yet one more super fun day this winter. 

I imagine myself sounding like a WSL announcer saying "Oh Chauncey Robinson with a layback jam in the pocket, perfect finish there potz" 

Chauncey Robinson getting fins free on his backhand. 

The real locals, surfing as they always do. 

Jade Morgan. 

Wiley Robinson joined us on his 21st birthday and cracked a few off the top. 

Wiley Robinson Layback. 

Happy Birthday Barrel for this guy. 

Chauncey Robinson finding that rare gem, one of the better barrels we have linked up on in this spot. 

Jade Morgan making sure he found a barrel as well. 

the whip. 

It was one of those days with a lot of down time waiting for tides and such. So i got to hang out with the boys, eat eggs and bacon, and enjoy this FL lifestyle we get to live. Tough days to be a kid. 

This may not be a perfect a-frame but if this doesn't look appealing to you then there is something wrong. I'm amazed walking down to the beach most of the time, especially when the water, sky and land look like this! 

What a day to enjoy. 

This is labeled as part one because there is a part two. Later this day we ended back at Sebastian Inlet and well you'll have to check back in to see what happened there. 

Thanks so much for taking a look, 

-Nathaniel Harrington

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Winter Months.

Tiss the Season... for surf. 

Here's another great morning we had at Sebastian Inlet last week. Chest high fun with Chauncey Robinson, Wiley Robinson, Paul Reineke, and Dave Speir. 

What a morning to wake up and go for a surf. 

That's a view that will never get old. Chauncey Robinson soaking it all in. 

That's a view that will never get old. Chauncey Robinson soaking it all in. 

A little foggy, amazing colors, couldn't ask for more. 

the chaun. 

The first barrel was an almost amazing shot. 

There were some super fun close out sections and the guys lit them up. Chauncey closed this one out with a bang. 

Glassy Moment. 

Glassy Moment. 


How are these next two shots for a winter scene. These frames make me shiver just looking at them. 

Icy Peak. 

Wiley Robinson making it Snow. 

Above sequence, Paul Reineke tagged that close-out hard. 

Above Sequence, I love watching Dave Speir surf. Such clean, powerful style. 

Chauncey follows right in Dave's footsteps. 

I think rainbows are attracted to Chauncey... they just follow him around. 

Hows this for a hollow surprise. No takers. 

Wiley Robinson found this nugget! That will make getting up early worth it every time. 

Speir knows where to find the drainers. 

Speir, again... 

This is the best. Check out that guy on the pier rocking his powered wheel chair with more rods than a charter boat. Goals. 

Stoked to have such a rad crew at the inlet. 

Thank you all for visiting! 

-Nathaniel Harrington

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Meet the Robinson's.

Meet Wiley and Chauncey Robinson, solid surfers out of central Florida. I've known them for a few months now, and its been a blast. Super stoked to be able to shoot with these guys! 

We caught some fun swell over the weekend and managed a few shots. Here ya go. 

We'll start with Thursday Evening at Ft. Pierce. The surf was fairly clean but pretty wonky. It was tough to line up for shots out there, but we got a few! 

Wiley Robinson, Slob Grab into the sky. 

Chauncey Robinson, Indie grabs all day. 

Chauncey Robinson, Indie grabs all day. 

Forgive the five frame sequences... My Canon 50D shoot 5 frames a second, I guess that's about how long these turns take. To me, it seems like an awkward amount. Decide for yourself. 


I wish there was less water in my face on that last sequence.. I was just a little too close. Fun air by Wiley. 

It was beautiful out there, as usual. Wiley was enjoying it. 

Sebastian Inlet on Sunday. 


David Speir was out and getting barreled as usual. 

When that swell hit the sand bar you had better been ready, Wiley was on this one. 

Again, David Speir in the above sequence. He finds those barrels! The last frame second to last frame was a bummer seeing! His head just caught the barrel and sent that sheet of water over his face. Just as he rolled past me this barrel hit sand and opened up again. As I emerged from the water out the back of the wave I saw that he had kept going another 30ft or more.. Almost a sick Inlet shot, got pretty close on that one but I will have to keep searching. 



Another for Wiley, finding that first peak cover up. 

I linked up with Chauncey for a round two on a Sunday afternoon at the inlet. The outcome was fun! 

He's got this down. 

Sticker shot. 

Chauncey finding that rare high tide barrel and making it happen! 


Super fun weekend. Lets hope this upcoming weekend gives us some more of this stuff! 

Thanks Robinson's. 

-Nathaniel Harrington

Sebastian Inlet, Sunrises and Sunsets.

Christmas break surf has been pretty fun! I was able to get a really good evening and morning mesh at Sebastian Inlet recently. The colors are what really get me! Florida has some beautiful seasons to enjoy! 

Here's the pics. 

Chauncey Robinson started off the fun with this indie air reverse. Sorry about the water spots.. :/ 

Nathan Gallagher was surfing with a fury during my sunset sesh. Every other wave that came in, he was on it displacing some water!  

Paul Reinecke doing what he does best. 

The next morning... 

Wiley Robinson getting his legs warmed up for the day with some seriously mean turns. 

My Pastor, Jim Gallagher, teaching all the groms how to lay it down proper.  

Chauncey, Indie Air Reverse with the morning light. 

It's not always my focus to try to shoot the wedging barrel that takes place at first peak, but it sure can look nice when its right! Here's Wiley tucking in on a fun backlit one. 

Wiley a second later. 

Jim Gallagher looked like he was having an "on fire" morning out there, the sky showed its color as well. 

Every once in a while this happens. Chauncey right at home. 

Such a fun time shooting with all the guys out there! Here's the rest in a gallery to wet your appetite for the next swell to come. 

Thanks for checking in! 

Enjoy your time in the water, 

-Nathaniel Harrington


ASF Surf Comp at Paradise Park.

This last weekend I had the opportunity to check out local surfing at the ASF Surf Comp in Indiatlantic. The surf was a pretty melo but we were blessed with very light winds! It made for a great day. The gross were all frothing and fired up! 

Here's some shots I got. 

Surfers include Luke Marks, Zach Marks, Chauncey Robinson, Wiley Robinson, Blake Speir, and Tommy Coleman. There were a couple more in there who I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet.. 

Its great to see the surf community in Florida thriving like this! Great kids and great surfers! 

Also, Make sure to check out, a place for kids to get social in a safe environment! 


-Nathaniel Harrington.