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Meet the Robinson's.

Meet Wiley and Chauncey Robinson, solid surfers out of central Florida. I've known them for a few months now, and its been a blast. Super stoked to be able to shoot with these guys! 

We caught some fun swell over the weekend and managed a few shots. Here ya go. 

We'll start with Thursday Evening at Ft. Pierce. The surf was fairly clean but pretty wonky. It was tough to line up for shots out there, but we got a few! 

Wiley Robinson, Slob Grab into the sky. 

Chauncey Robinson, Indie grabs all day. 

Chauncey Robinson, Indie grabs all day. 

Forgive the five frame sequences... My Canon 50D shoot 5 frames a second, I guess that's about how long these turns take. To me, it seems like an awkward amount. Decide for yourself. 


I wish there was less water in my face on that last sequence.. I was just a little too close. Fun air by Wiley. 

It was beautiful out there, as usual. Wiley was enjoying it. 

Sebastian Inlet on Sunday. 


David Speir was out and getting barreled as usual. 

When that swell hit the sand bar you had better been ready, Wiley was on this one. 

Again, David Speir in the above sequence. He finds those barrels! The last frame second to last frame was a bummer seeing! His head just caught the barrel and sent that sheet of water over his face. Just as he rolled past me this barrel hit sand and opened up again. As I emerged from the water out the back of the wave I saw that he had kept going another 30ft or more.. Almost a sick Inlet shot, got pretty close on that one but I will have to keep searching. 



Another for Wiley, finding that first peak cover up. 

I linked up with Chauncey for a round two on a Sunday afternoon at the inlet. The outcome was fun! 

He's got this down. 

Sticker shot. 

Chauncey finding that rare high tide barrel and making it happen! 


Super fun weekend. Lets hope this upcoming weekend gives us some more of this stuff! 

Thanks Robinson's. 

-Nathaniel Harrington