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Chaunchoo Pichoo the Film

We just finished editing our 2018 re-cap video, “Chaunchoo Pichoo the Film”.

Chauncey Robinson and I have been working all year round to gain some clips for a Florida Surf Film. As many of you know I am a full time photographer and sell photos to brands for my income… so, this project kinda doubled the work load this year. For every photo i have of Chauncey getting barreled or doing an air I also needed one of just as much value as a video clip. With the help of Filmers/Photographers Jacob Strahlo and Jeffery O’Niell we were able to mix up a pretty good feature based mostly at Sebastian Inlet and with the exception of a great, recent trip to the Outer Banks.

We definitely had our challenges. It wasn’t that great of a year for surf down here in Florida. What opportunity we did have we made the most of. Last Winter is really why this video is even put together, those January storms last year were epic.

All that being said, it’s time to really take this project to new levels. Filming for Chauncey’s next video possibly starts this afternoon. Hopefully we can have a couple more regions in the world included but if it’s just another Florida Film we’ll do our best to represent the state to its fullest.

Let’s hope for a full year of surf and opportunities. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit OUR site and watch this video :)


-Nathaniel Harrington

Light Filter

Hey guys,

I'm looking to sell this 36x54x1.5 canvas named "light filter".

Priced at $600, ready to hang or can be framed if you want.

Shipping is expensive, so looking for someone in Florida who would like an original, beautiful canvas for their home or office.

It is signed and #1 out of #25, Limited edition pieces.

If you are interested let me know!


"Light Filter" A Vero Beach Original. 

Thank You all. 


Its been a brewing for a bit...

There is more of this to come.. Today is not this projects day. But here is a preview and the only reason I am posting these are so that this doesn't get forgotten too easily. 

Huge thanks to Wiley, Chauncey and Eddie for surfing and letting me shoot. 

Enjoy the change of scenery. Its all kind of the same but it was a test trial so go easy. These kids rip!! 


Progression is fun. 

I look forward to seeing how this develops. ;) Hope you enjoyed the day to night edit going on there.. :p 

-Nathaniel Harrrington 


Surf SBI.

Yesterday morning brought in some pretty clean surf conditions! Much needed this week. 

I got out there with a few friends; Keith Mahon, Tom Fletcher, and John Buehrig. This is what we found. 

Pelican's Surf. 

Not too bad for a humpday. 

I also got out this morning and found some un-surfable shorebreak. The colors were all there this morning. I'll post more of this later after I get a chance to go through them. 

Hope you guys got some surf or a least relaxation! 

Thanks for checkin in! 

-Nathaniel Harrington