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December Fog

As my coffee brewed and the first glimpse of light began to show yesterday morning I knew I was in for a special treat. Fog filled the perfectly still air, my first clue as to the conditions of the sea. Its mornings like these that keep my excitement going, something a little different, and totally perfect. 

Have a look at the pristine surf Vero Beach enjoyed at the break of dawn yesterday. 

Its awesome to have a slight change of background from time to time, I'll take the fog any day. 

Its awesome to have a slight change of background from time to time, I'll take the fog any day. 

Touchdown Moment. 

Fog Lines. 

This is probably my favorite image from the shoot. The surf was so calm that the reflections of the barrels were the only way to determine where the wave was actually breaking. My photos make a clearer, more distinctive look than how it was in the moment. Its good that the camera captures more than the eye. 

The sun even decided to make an appearance for a brief moment, making for some really amazing lighting. 

A perfect moment. As this barrel touches down and the pelican fly's toward shore, the lighting and ocean all came together to make one brilliant image. 

And last but not least here's a few seconds of some Slow Motion barrels from the same morning. Once the sun came out I had to play with my iPhone 6 in its WaterShot Housing. 


Well thank you all for visiting and enjoy your Holidays! 

-Nathaniel Harrington



Its been a brewing for a bit...

There is more of this to come.. Today is not this projects day. But here is a preview and the only reason I am posting these are so that this doesn't get forgotten too easily. 

Huge thanks to Wiley, Chauncey and Eddie for surfing and letting me shoot. 

Enjoy the change of scenery. Its all kind of the same but it was a test trial so go easy. These kids rip!! 


Progression is fun. 

I look forward to seeing how this develops. ;) Hope you enjoyed the day to night edit going on there.. :p 

-Nathaniel Harrrington 


Over the weekend...

Sunday evening and trying to get another blog post up... This weekend was yet again full of fun surf, some clean conditions worthy of photos, and other conditions where it was just a way better choice to surf than attempt to get a shot. 

One of the highlights of my weekend was a sailing session down in Ft. Pierce on Saturday. This was my first time at sailing and it was the best thing ever. It took just a few minutes of getting used to the feel of the boats and then it was on! I loved every second of it. We used little SunFish sailing boats that are mainly used to teach surf. They are very unstable boats due to their light weight construction, so it teaches how to control the boat quickly. I really feel like I got the hang of it fast, and I can't wait to try sailing on larger vessels. If you have never attempted sailing, you need to! It's a blast. 

PS. Thank Donothan Williams for supplying the boats and teaching me to sail. :) you da best man! 

My wife and I filling the sail with wind, setting out for more practice runs. 

And of course here are a few surf shots I gathered over the weekend. Saturday night after the storms passed the sun came out and made for an epic sunset. 

Hope you enjoy the shots. 


Electric. The sky was on fire! 

I hope you also had a wonderful weekend. Please keep on checking in and sharing this blog with people who enjoy Surf Art and Ocean. :) 

I really appreciate all the support I've been getting recently! Mahalo Nui. 

-Nathaniel Harrington.