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Chaunchoo Pichoo the Film

We just finished editing our 2018 re-cap video, “Chaunchoo Pichoo the Film”.

Chauncey Robinson and I have been working all year round to gain some clips for a Florida Surf Film. As many of you know I am a full time photographer and sell photos to brands for my income… so, this project kinda doubled the work load this year. For every photo i have of Chauncey getting barreled or doing an air I also needed one of just as much value as a video clip. With the help of Filmers/Photographers Jacob Strahlo and Jeffery O’Niell we were able to mix up a pretty good feature based mostly at Sebastian Inlet and with the exception of a great, recent trip to the Outer Banks.

We definitely had our challenges. It wasn’t that great of a year for surf down here in Florida. What opportunity we did have we made the most of. Last Winter is really why this video is even put together, those January storms last year were epic.

All that being said, it’s time to really take this project to new levels. Filming for Chauncey’s next video possibly starts this afternoon. Hopefully we can have a couple more regions in the world included but if it’s just another Florida Film we’ll do our best to represent the state to its fullest.

Let’s hope for a full year of surf and opportunities. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit OUR site and watch this video :)


-Nathaniel Harrington

A Collection to MN.

Its not all that often that I get to send out a collection of my work to places like MN. But this last month I got the opportunity to do so! 

Here is a cool collection of images I captured during travels and at home, from Vero Beach to Panama and Barbados. 

Take a look. 

These images are both captured in Vero Beach, Florida. Now sublimated onto Aluminum with a float mount they are ready to hang on a wall. The Aluminum Prints have a tendency to make the water look real, so gazing at these really puts you back in that moment. 

The Top image is "Light Filter" and is a Limited Edition Print #2/25. 

The Second image is "Touch Down" and is a Limited Edition Print #1/25 (#2 is currently hanging out as a 20x30 canvas in Vero Beach Yoga Barre

I'm particularly excited my client picked out this image. Shot in Panama and simply named "Panama Sunset". This was taken my first evening being there and its something I will never forget watching. 

"Panama Sunset" is a Limited Edition Print #1/10. The other 9 may go quick so don't hesitate putting this on your wall. 

Another look at the first two. 

"Rock of Confidence" as a negative before being heat pressed onto the Aluminum. This image was taken in Barbados last fall. 

My client is a stock trader, financial planner up in MN and he really liked the idea of putting this image into his office as a reminder of confidence and symbol of security, hence the name "Rock of Confidence"

It is now printed out as 40x60 on Aluminum and is a Limited Edition #1/10. 

... and here they are. 

If your living in as cold of a state as MN I'm sure it will be nice to look at your wall and feel the tropics in these images. 

Sorry for the glare, the Aluminum prints are very glossy and reflective. I love that about them, makes the colors and details POP. 

Its a lot of fun getting my work out to people for them to enjoy. 

If you've seen anything here that interests you please email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP. 

With the holidays coming up its not a bad idea... :) 

Thanks for visiting my page! 

-Nathaniel Harrginton


Kurt Stevens, Lifestyles and Portraits

In the past couple weeks I've been helping out local artist/musician Kurt Stevens put together some images for his big debut at the Carolina Country Music Festival. It kinda started with fishing and worked its way through. He brought me into his lifestyle and we created some social media. It was cool to see his passion for the water and lifestyle of Florida, his love for music, and ability to perform.

This South Florida local is about to hit it off but luckily I got the chance to snap some pics first. 

Whats more fun, getting the bait or using it? 

Kurt has been living the Florida fishing lifestyle since he was a kid and it shows. Music is a huge part of his life and I think fishing has been a major influencer to that. 

loading a cast net. 

Where there is bait there are snook. 

Some indoor white backdrop photography so the crowds can see what they are about to get. 

This was a fun part of our shoot. I don't shoot Studio much and Kurt isn't running a model career, so there's a bit of a learning curve for both of us. I'm happy with how it turned out. 

... and it didn't take long to get back to the river. 

just a guy and his boat. 

We played this off to look like a sunset, but its a good 'ol Florida sunrise. Rain showers in the afternoon and evenings make it difficult to plan around. Thankfully Florida light is amazing at the break of dawn. 

Whats not to smile about. Life is good. 


I grabbed Kurts music video to give you all a better idea of who he is and his sounds.

This was fun. Thanks Kurt for the shoots and good luck in a couple weeks man! Knock them dead. 


-Nathaniel Harrington. 

@natehphoto @kurtstevensmusic

Sebatian Inlet with Tommy and Chase.

Its already been a couple weeks since we had a decent day of surf, these summer lulls are setting in and its making my head hurt. On the other hand its been awesome to get out and fish, explore more of Florida while the ocean lays flat, which has really been the reason this blog post hasn't happened sooner. 

In that, these shots are from a fun day spent at Sebastian Inlet with Tommy Coleman and Chase Modelski. Also there are a few good images of surf coach Michel Flores and and South African Rigard Smit. 

It was another day of shooting from shore for me as my water housing is getting some leak repairs done. I guess when you use it as much as I do maintenance is required. :/ 

They surfed, we fished, we surfed some more soaking up every bit of swell we could before this long flat spell. Check it out. 

Chase Modelski is a ripper! Hard to believe I haven't linked up with him sooner, but glad I have now.  

South African Rigard Smit enjoying the tropical temps of our florida waters. 




Tommy taking care of close outs. 

My daughter River hanging out with me on the beach. Its pretty rad to be able to bring her to work. She's styling some VonZipper's and a lot of SunBum! 


There's only one person I have ever seen rip tiny waves apart like Tommy Coleman, and that is his surf coach Michel Flores. This Brazilian knows how to get performance out of his surf boards in every condition. 

Chase Modelski reminds me of Chauncey Robinson. I'm seeing a lot of similarities in the way these guys surf. 

When your surf coach goes upside down. Michel Flores trying Brazilian aerials. 




Tommy Coleman. 

Afternoon Sessions in board shorts. Chase loving some spring time air. 

Tommy's backhand snap is ridiculously dangerous. 

And his fin release moves nail are sure to grab attention. 

I haven't seen Blake Spier much lately, looks like he is always heading to cool places on planet earth, stoked to link up with him on this classic Sebastian Inlet first peak air revo. 


Since I was shooting from the beach I figured I may as well make a short edit. Tommy Coleman has his air revo's on lock making this easy. 


That's all from one day. So much fun. 

Thanks a lot for checking into my site, hope you enjoyed. 

-Nathaniel Harrington

@tommybooboo1 @chasemodelski @treasurecoastwatermansclub @rigardsmit92 @natehphoto

South Florida Sand Bars.

South Florida saw some of the best swell people can remember. Monday turned out to be an absolute glory day for surfers in the sunshine state as a huge 'nor easter pulsed swell our way. 

I'll do feature on the swell once the mags get done running content. Until then check out this image I got of Matthew Glenn in a very thick sand dredger. This surf was not for the faint of heart. 

Featured at


Hope you scored as well. 

-Nathaniel Harrington