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40 Degrees of Thankfulness!

First, Happy Thanksgiving! I don't know about you but this is my favorite Holiday of the Year! Just the name gets me.. Thanksgiving! Awesome. 

This morning I woke up here in St. Petersburg to a chilling 40 degrees at 6am. Grabbed my SPL WaterHousing, which I had to brush the dust off of..., grabbed my cup of tea and off to the beach! 

I arrived as the sun came up to see a wonderful sight, waves. Barrels none the less! The wind has switched from the howling on-shore to the glassy-machine-barrel-making off-shore breeze. First thought that came to my head was, "I'm so Thankful!". God hooked it up this morning.

I shot a lot of images as I froze in the cold air, chest deep in the warm water. Every wave was an opportunity for me to get my head wet again warming it up just to be greeted by the chilly bast out the back end. Yes, it was freezing. I shot for two hours, attempting to fill my memory card as fast as possible so I could feel like I had accomplished my mission of finally getting barrels shots again. 

Below is the outcome of a wonderful start to this thankful day. I hope you enjoy, 

Again, Happy Thanksgiving! 


More from Porter's back yard.

I'm currently going through past images, gathering them up and getting ready to ship them off to a brand new Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. 

Here's a couple I found that I haven't put out yet..  Stoked! 

A Frame of the week.

Sunny mornings are a rarity in Southern California. Not too many days does the sun peak out of the clouds as it rises over the mountains, so to get out there before first light is crucial when it does happen. This image was shot at the wedge on one of those absolutely perfect mornings. The sun came out for about 15 min and it was glorious! 

Piture Perfect A-Frame, shot on a brilliant morning at the wedge.