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Summer Blast

Every Summer needs fun, thats why they invented to donut floaty! 

Last weekend was a blast hanging out with friends here in Vero. We did some floaty surfing, mini barrels, stand-up paddling, and merky diving. 

Jakeh Bradley dropping in on the shorebreak with a donut! I always knew that surfing and donuts made sense... 

This is what we here in FL call surf. Nate Gallagher getting shacked! 

Here's a lil slide show of some more shenanigans from the weekend. 

This post makes me hope for two things: Bigger surf, and better water clarity! But I'll take time with friends any day. :) 

Stoked. Hope you are all having a great week! HumpDay! 


-Nathaniel Harrington


Diving with Buddy.

I'm finding that the trade off of having no surf is having great water clarity! I won't complain too much... 

This last weekend Buddy Brown and I went out on a little diving adventure. We found some fun sea creatures while exploring the layout of Vero Beach's bottom floor. 

I'll let the photos tell the story. 

That was cool to find so many creatures including that Stone Fish! Beautiful. The Rays were one of my favorite parts as well, not to mention the Nurse Shark the size of Buddy. 

I look forward to sharing more times like these. 

Thanks for checking in! 


-Nathaniel Harrington


Surf SBI.

Yesterday morning brought in some pretty clean surf conditions! Much needed this week. 

I got out there with a few friends; Keith Mahon, Tom Fletcher, and John Buehrig. This is what we found. 

Pelican's Surf. 

Not too bad for a humpday. 

I also got out this morning and found some un-surfable shorebreak. The colors were all there this morning. I'll post more of this later after I get a chance to go through them. 

Hope you guys got some surf or a least relaxation! 

Thanks for checkin in! 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Sign the Petition for Dana Point Skate Park.

Check out this petition for a way overdue Skate Park of Dana Point! My friend Brandon Phillips is trying to get the ball rolling over there and he needs your help! 

Follow this link to put your signature on the petition, and thank you kindly!! 


A weekend of Paradise in Vero Beach.

Shoots, this last weekend was a blast. 

It started with an invitation that I wasn't even sure was meant to be a real invite, well, turns out it was more than sincere. My in-laws long time friends(the Brown's) live over in Vero Beach, Florida, they know my wife Tatum pretty well and know that I am crazy about surf. The invitation was to get away and enjoy a relaxing weekend on the east coast. To say the least I jumped on it! I didn't even think twice about it... it's time to see some waves and get my feet sandy. We took off. 

It's fun not knowing where you are going or what its going to be like when you get there.. I love adventures. But these days adventures seem to be a little more tricky than what they used to be. Once upon a time I packed my car with everything I owned and was gone, now I pack my car full of my 4 month old daughters things and then attempt to fit my own gear. Times have changed, so the adventure has also changed. I wasn't sure what it would be like going to the Brown's home with River Lee and Tatum, turns out, not a problem at all. We were greeted with tons of love and an open house.  

I started my mornings off with some super fun shore break in the cold weather. 34 degrees and soaking wet... buuurrrr.... Very worth it! 

To add to the excitement we were able to meet up with our good friends Blake and Chelsea. We spent the day in Sebastian soaking up the sun and enjoying the surf. 

The surf was pretty tiny, but fun! Blake did what he could and I stuck my head in a few barrels.. perfect day. 

The sun came out and made it a fantastic day for the beach. River thought so... Of course she had a photo shoot, to darn cute to not. 

These Photos by Chelsea Erwin. A huge Thanks to Blake & Chelsea for cruising up the coast to hang out with us! Love you guys. 

Click here to see Chelsea's take on the day.... 

Yup, even after all that I still found some time to enjoy a Moon rise over the Ocean. I've never seen a full moon rise like this before.. I guess the East Coast does have some perks! It was AweMazing! I shot it all with a wide angle.. I apologize for that, because it was better than what my photos show. 

...and that is that... one weekend in the books. 


Thanks so much to Buddy & Gail Brown for opening your home to my family. We hope to see you again soon. 


-Nathaniel Harrington

More from Porter's back yard.

I'm currently going through past images, gathering them up and getting ready to ship them off to a brand new Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. 

Here's a couple I found that I haven't put out yet..  Stoked!