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Light Filter

Hey guys,

I'm looking to sell this 36x54x1.5 canvas named "light filter".

Priced at $600, ready to hang or can be framed if you want.

Shipping is expensive, so looking for someone in Florida who would like an original, beautiful canvas for their home or office.

It is signed and #1 out of #25, Limited edition pieces.

If you are interested let me know!


"Light Filter" A Vero Beach Original. 

Thank You all. 


Silky Sunday's.

Its time to start blogging again. Social Medai doesn't suggest that I upload this many photos into it in one day, therefore I should get this platform going again so that you can at least see the photos if you want. The hard drives are full, and no one has seen whats inside.. :( 

This post is from a couple sunday's ago. It was small and super inconsistent, but when the right waves came through it was so fun! The boys got a few barrels and some good times out of it, that's what matters. 

Enjoy the pics. 

Brock Taylor came out to Spanish house and got shacked! 

Brock Taylor came out to Spanish house and got shacked! 

Fun sequence from one of Brock's better waves. 

of course Chauncey Robinson made it out. He too picked out some fun waves. 

Brock, styling guy. 

The storm made the lighting on this shot mental! I love this mood setting. 

Chauncey on a 16 frame drainer. That doesn't happen in FL often. 

View from the beach. It was as fun as it looks. 

View from the beach. It was as fun as it looks. 

Stoked to be able to share my photos, and even more stoked that you visited my site. 

Thank you all for the support! 

-Nathaniel Harrington



20 Images.

I picked 20 of my favorite images from last Thursday to share in this post. Its rare when the conditions become this unique and this perfect. I'm not even sure if it could get better than this for small wave photography.. Only time will tell.

These waves are any where from eight inches to two foot in face height. So very small, and very clean! I think there are a couple brilliant shots in here, pleased to share them with you! 

I've been working on this shot for a while now! Its been tough to get the right light and focus on a clean enough wave to show what it really looks like, this image turned out to be a very clean example of a mini tube breaking from the front. Love It! 

The colors looking down the line will keep me going back for more forever. 

A little speed blur. 

Perfect A-Frames. 

A little light through the back of the wave. 

Super shallow focus on this mini tube. 

Its pure Gold. 

I just had this printed on Canvas as an 18x24 and that piece will be posted for sale mid next week. I've named this "hallowed glass". Can't wait to see it enlarged in my hands! 

There's so much more texture in the lip of the wave when they are small like this. Which is the reason I look for these conditions! It may not be as impressive as a 20ft faced barrel, but it has characteristics that can't be compared to anything else.

Another great example of the unexpected happening. A little back wash fanned this barrel up. 


Fishermen in the background. I always wonder what they think I'm doing sticking my head into these tiny waves. 

Another new favorite. 

Another cool shot of the lip of the wave coming at me. I'm really digging this perspective. 

There's nothing like a good sunrise to start your day, so get out there and enjoy one or two a week. You'll see things worth looking at! 


I have another post coming soon of tiny surf. The day after I took these was another score. I shot at the Vero Beach Pier and got a few gems over there. I'll try to post soon. Until then, have a solid day! 

-Nathaniel Harrington

...Remeber that any of these images can be printed on several options of media including Canvas, Metallic Paper, Aluminum, Matte Paper, and Gloss Paper. They can be framed and hung. It would be my pleasure to work with you if you are looking to get some local Ocean art into your home or office. Mahalo. 


Tunnel Vision

Here's some fun shots from last Friday.

I went out early that morning hoping to find some surf able swell, but instead I came across a little sand bar doing its thing. 


Thick Barrel. 

Looking down the line into the light. 

A little backwash sea spray. 

I love this one! Just how the center peak is on focus makes this image stand out for me. 

A perfect pitch. 

I was really trying to get the shots of the back of the barrel. The way the light was forming inside these tubes was amazing! I'm glad I have the chance to share this with everyone! 

A nice reflection shot with a shallow depth of field. 

I've said it before, Vero Beach is an amazing place to capture wave art! I love it here. I hope we all can enjoy these views and the time we get to spend on our beaches! Have a blast out there! 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Surf art from the past few adventures.

It's incredible how much fun an iPhone can be. :) 

Enjoy some of my latest surf imagery all shot with an iPhone 5c. 

Boynton Beach, FL. 

DelRay, FL. 

The Vero Beach beach patrol. 

Shooting the sunrise at Sebastian a few weeks ago. 

Dawn patrol. Body surf mesh in Vero Beach, FL. 

Found some rights this last morning, that was fun! Not telling where this one is. 

Thanks for checking in! 

-Nathaniel Harrington