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From Dusk till Dawn.

Hi Guys! 

Hope you all had a great weekend! I know I sure did. Sunday turned into an all day outing at the beach where I was very surprised to find some surf coming in. When I say surf what I really mean in tiny shorebreak barrels that I get super amped on! There was a little more size today than I have seen in a while which really helped the images this weekend.

I started my day at 6am sharp to get a few pre-dawn motion shots in at the Pier. I've seen a lot of people do some cool images with blur and I am giving it a shot myself. That and there's no other place I'd rather watch the day start from than in the water. :) Also, Jonny Capen joined me with his gopro and skim board for the morning photo sesh. I watched him tuck into a few barrels with the lens pointed down the line, so hoping he got some great video/photo from the morning. I shot a few images of him enjoying the surf as well. 

Here's some shots...  

Motion in the Morning. Pretty neat with the pier in the background. 

Believe it or not I really did a lazy job of going through these pics. I'm pretty tired so I passed up tons of awesome barrel shot, all of which will probably get burried into my hard drive never to be seen again. haha. Happens all to often. 

Still, I'm amped on the selection I was able to grab! 

Jonny's skimshots were fun to take. I haven't shot action in a long time! 

The contrast from morning to afternoon is pretty radical. Once the winds come up the East Coast shuts down. But, I managed to find a few spots where the storms were able to bring some shape back to the surf. I love shooting storms and less than perfect conditions more than I like to shoot perfect conditions. There's so much more of a challenge to it! Anyways, I was happy to find a few more nuggets in the day, and I am stoked to share them with you here.  

Metallic colors in the stormy afternoon are my absolute favorite. What do you think? 

I'd love to hear some oppinions on what images you guys like more! The perfect shaped of a morning sunrise, or the the tossing afternoon storm surges? Keep in mind that Morning was shot with a 10mm lens while afternoon was with a 50mm. Which gets your vote? 

Thanks for checking in! 

-Nathaniel Harrington