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Backlit mini barrel.

Accepting what surf we our given!

Chauncey and I found a few nuggets the other morning in some less than likely conditions. But, we did link up on this one and that makes this a great morning. 


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River Lee and the Sea


I love my daughter! She one year and her favorite thing to do is go to the beach! Amazing. Tv, movies, none of that keeps her attention. The one thing that does is the ocean! She stairs at the sea and it takes a lot of work keeping her from just charging right into the Shorebreak. Can't wait to teach her how to surf! 

Central Cali Barrel.

Central California Barrel bra. These mini A-frames were part of an epic trip to Northern California this last summer. 

Ben Classen and I went out to this super fun beach break after an epic morning of driving through Big Sur. The waves were on the smaller side and the water was cold.. but central california produces images none the less.