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Saturday Shore Shots.

Saturday's are the best day of the week. I get to spend them with my lil girl River Lee all day cause Tatum is off at work. It's a great opportunity for me to take River to the beach and hang out, shoot some photos from shore, and one day teach that girl how to surf. Until I can get in the water with River I will continue to look to her angle finding skills for all my shore shots. :) It's a perfect plan. 

This past Saturday we were at Sebastian Inlet where we took some photos of Matt Kechele and Nate Gallagher. The surf was a bit wonky, but the guys made the most of it. 

Yah, pre-surf game is strong. 

Nate Gallagher, going vert between the weekend warriors and the flying beach patrol. 

Matt Kechele finishes off his cutbacks with such ease and style, you can see the level of experience he has in even the smallest of surf. 

Kechele, more of that perfect form. 

Nathan coming undone on a fins free attack. 

Nathan coming undone on a fins free attack. 

I was shooting with a B&W polarizer, its only fair that I edit one image to be B&W. Nate frontside hack. 

Strong backhand from Kechele. 

Kechele finding a touch of shade on a tropical, wintry Florida day. 


River was having a blast at the beach, but there were a few moments when I looked at her and thought that she had become part of the beach. The endless exploring, a million sea shells, and a sandy lunch can leave a lasting impression on a kiddo. I hope she always loves the beach like her mom and I do. :) She looks the part no? 

Trevor Gallagher cruised out with Nathan and brought his drone. I'm curious to see of he got any shots... Seeing him play with this almost convinced to to dabble into video.. Thats kinda a big deal. 

One last look as we left the beach. The fun never ends. 

I hope every weekend is as good as this last weekend. Thanks to my daughter for helping me out with those angles, and thanks to the guys for the great surfing. 


-Nathaniel Harrington & River Lee