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South Florida Blues.

A few weeks ago Florida finally got its first real winter swell. The forecast looked a little sketchy and the winds looked like they could be fickle, but as the sun came up on this Thursday Morning it proved to be one of the best day's I've seen in Florida. 

After a long foggy drive down south the rising sun showed us the first signs of just how nice of a day we were about to enjoy. 

This guy is for sure dreaming about getting spit out of that barrel. 

Water & Light. 

Kenny Saundry stoked that he's a goofy footer. 

when Chauncey Robinson isn't getting barreled he's hacking the top of waves. 

Thats as good as it gets. 

Chauncey getting some pig doggin practice in. 

Above: Chauncey Robinson was in the right spot for probably the best wave I have ever seen in Florida. No doubt a perfect 10. 

What if it looked like this daily... 

Close out hacks. 

The drift was pretty strong, so the surfers took lefts for a mile or so and then made the walk back up the beach to do it again. The view got the stoke flowing strong. 

Above: I met this surfer, Michael Turdo, right after this barrel ride. He came walking out of the water grinning ear to ear. 

Michael Turdo finding some blue blue gems out there! 

Michael Turdo finding some blue blue gems out there! 

Above: Robbie McCormick was another favorite to watch. Most of the barrels I saw him get were below sea level and very difficult to shoot. Glad this angle and sequence worked out to show what kind of day he was having. 

Robbie McCormick hacking away. 

Eddie Wierback had his fair share of blue gems as well. 

I think this guy is stoked. 

below sea level blue barrels. South Florida. Sweet. 

The only thing that could have made the day better, a coconut tree. Chaunchoo grabbing some hydration.

Hows that peeling left in the background? 

Pure Stoke. 

And some dreamy ones to now dream about, enjoy. 

She's dreaming... 

Wow. Just wow. 

That was a pretty solid day, can't wait for a repeat and some water angles the next time. (My SPL was getting some repairs done)

Thanks for surfing guys, 

-Nathaniel Harrington

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