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Arthur Showing in Florida.

Hey guys! 

It's been a long, busy day for me and I haven't been able to get to all of my images that I would like to put together for a little showing of Tropical Storm Arthur... But I did grab two for a pre-view. It's been a fun day! Mine started at 6am, when I did not want to get up, I did anyways, and it turned out to be a great decision! My day ended with an amazing surf sesh and beautiful sunset. 

Well here's the two, more to come soon. 

I was thinking about walking the beach for a little while to attempt some scenic barrel shots... But after I saw this little wave go through I was way to amped to stay out of the water any longer. It was go time. I figured I could just try to capture the scene from the water where I like it the most. :) 

Today's description of Arthur's surf: Clean. It has been a solid, clean day.

Happy July! So amped to get summer swell! Can't wait to post the rest... 


-Nathaniel Harrington