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Barreling Morning.. Vero Beach Fun!

Hi everyone!

Lil update on the swell we got here in Vero Beach this weekend. These shots are from yesterday morning's sesh at the break of dawn! I had a blast shooting the shorebreak along with Tanner Gordon and Donothan Williams. 

The morning was full of color and some really, really fun waves. Feeling stoked and Blessed!  


More Barrels.... 

These guys. Dono on the top photo and tanner getting the shot on the bottom photo. 


...and here are the rest of the barrels! 

There's a couple gems in there. :) The surf was throwing at times, amazing. 

I shot again this morning and I can't wait to put those on here.. Really good shots! 


So, thanks for checking in! I hope to be posting more soon. 

-Nathaniel Harrington