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River Lee Underwater.

Teaching River to swim has been a blast! I remember learning to swim myself and I do hope this is a time River can remember for life. She follows right in the foot steps of both Tatum and I. (tatum is amazing underwater...) Such a privilege we have as parents! :) 

The past two days she has really become an underwater girl. Her floaty may possibly be retired at this point. Once your underwater, its hard to be satisfied being above it. 

Here's a short edit I made of River swimming from earlier today. Shot with iPhone 6 and WaterShot Housing. 

Song is Morning Light by Josh Garrels. 

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"Imagination" coming to life.

Hey Guys! 

I'm amped to showcase some images from a local shop/gallery her in Vero Beach that prints using sublimation on Aluminum! This shop is An Image Evolution and they are located on HWY 1 just north of downtown Vero Beach. 

I recently had my image "Imagination" put onto aluminum, during that time I took a few shots of co-owner, Jake Burns, who is the craftsman behind the prints. I'm most pleased to see the care and attention that Jake gives the work. 

Its always great to find a good printer, and these guys are among the best which is why I wanted to share this post. Check out the post, get inspired, and go get a print! 

Jake on the finishing touches for the floating frame backing which will be placed on the print. 

"Imagination" as a negative. Once placed on the print this will be reversed and in brilliant color. 

I've worked closely with every printer I have ever used, and Jake is at the top of my list for people I trust to complete a perfect job. He has a real sense of care and dedication when it comes to the final product. Here he is removing dust particles of of the Aluminum reducing the possibilities of spots in your print. 

Continuous inspection. 

The finished print on Aluminum. 

I choose metal because of the color and the durability. As seen here this print is fully submerged underwater, and this print now hangs in La Tabla Cafe where no one would ever know its been in a pool. The sublimation process makes way more sense than laying ink on material. Its more vibrant, perfect smooth texture in the print as if it was real life, and very weather/scratch resistant. 

As good as new. Water photography on water photography, I love it! 

Its really cool stuff, there's nothing like a print! I'll be posting about the Art Gallery that An Image Evolution is about to open. My work has been accepted and will be featured in the Gallery which is going to be a very exciting avenue for me. :) 

You can find this piece on the wall of La Tabla Cafe on Royal Palm Point in Vero Beach, no guarantees on how long it will be in there so go get yourself a delicious lunch and enjoy the art! 

You can also find this for sale right here on my website in my Shop Tab

Thank You for visiting and I hope you continue to enjoy all the fun Vero Beach has to offer! 


Exploring the World, Tatum Harrington.

Hi guys! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!!

Well, today was pretty special for me because my beautiful wife joined me for a swim. The water was brilliant and the sky was clear making for one more amazing day in Vero Beach. We shot a couple fun photos of Tatum swimming that we wanted to share. 

Floating over the world. 

That was fun :) 

Thanks so much for checking in! Feel free to let Tatum know what you think of the photos. 

I love you Tatum! 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Diving with Buddy.

I'm finding that the trade off of having no surf is having great water clarity! I won't complain too much... 

This last weekend Buddy Brown and I went out on a little diving adventure. We found some fun sea creatures while exploring the layout of Vero Beach's bottom floor. 

I'll let the photos tell the story. 

That was cool to find so many creatures including that Stone Fish! Beautiful. The Rays were one of my favorite parts as well, not to mention the Nurse Shark the size of Buddy. 

I look forward to sharing more times like these. 

Thanks for checking in! 


-Nathaniel Harrington


Worlds Ocean Day.

What a day! I wasn't to sure how the water clarity was going to be due to the recent swell... turns out we just needed a short break from waves to calm the water down enough to make an excellent dive happen. 

I couldn't think of a better way to spend a few hours on Worlds Ocean Day than in the Ocean, duh. I don't know the reefs very well yet, but I am learning them quick! And with the clarity I was given today, I feel a lot more at home out there now. 

I do want to give credit to the creator of the Oceans today. God created a beautiful world for our enjoyment. I'm in awe every time I go into the water. What a wondrous work. It is our duty to take care of this planet during our time here also. I want to stress that God put us in charge, to subdue and take care of earth during our stay here, and we aught to put in our efforts to nourish both the land and sea. Laziness is the biggest culprit of trash in the sea, and that laziness starts here on land. I hate going to the beach just to spend my time picking up slackers trash, I don't like doing it, but it is better than finding it in the water on my next dive. 

If you read my blog even one time you'll know that I love the ocean and I spend a lot of time in it. I need to ask that we all do our part to keep the waste at a minimum. If you must use 5 plastic bottles a day go ahead, just please, take them of the sand when you leave. Lets be responsible. 

Nough said. Hope you got to enjoy the Oceans today! If not just enjoy these pics! Start your Sea Dreaming now!! 

Hello there Reef! 

Hello there Reef! 

Meet blue eyed Nurse Shark. She setup a great portrait for me. 

Comfy Cozy in her cave. 

I ran into at least five nurse sharks today. it seemed that they were all over. I even got to swim with this one for a bit. 

The fish are plenty! 

I never would have guessed to find structures like this in Florida. I could not be happier!! I enjoy underwater caves more than anything else. They are always teeming with life! 

I never would have guessed to find structures like this in Florida. I could not be happier!! I enjoy underwater caves more than anything else. They are always teeming with life! 

I even found a couple Honus today! Man, its not like Maui. These turtles take of the second they know you are there. Skittish fellows... Just glad to get a couple shots of a few turtles. 

This one was pretty large and very old looking. I'm calling it the "Ugly Turtle". It looked like its been down there a few thousand years... Still, Stoked for such a find! 

Very amped on the day! Hope you also had a great day and I look forward to sharing my next Sea Dreaming adventure with you. 

Thanks for checking in! 

-Nathaniel Harrington


Early Surf & Dive.

Winds: 0mph

Surf: 1-2ft

Sounds good to me! 

Here's some shots from this mornings adventures! I found some fish including a school of Snook, a couple Nurse Sharks, Stingrays, and lots of reef fish. The visibility was still only a few feet, but that'll work for me. It's just good to be out there. 

Morning Motion. 

Another blury cave. 

I love getting into the water early to watch the day begin! 

Big Snook! 

Here's a little nurse shark I found close to shore. This is the first Nurse Shark I have ever swam with! Really stoked to see her this morning! 

And I saw this Nurse Shark's tail sticking out from under the ledge. I dove down to find that she was pretty big! I would say close to six feet or so. 

Reef fish in the structure. /;

Soo Fun! 

It's always good to see life on the reefs! 

Thanks for checking the Blog and I hope you have a great weekend! 

-Nathaniel Harrington