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Secrets Cave Dive.

Last Monday was an EPIC day! Super fun dive with Porter Hogan, Brandon and Patricia Phillips and of course my wife. :) 

South Laguna has some amazing spots to go and see sea life, awesome underwater structures, and the clearest water I have yet found in California. Check out these photos from the dive of a lifetime.   


So, Porter is a MAN! Beast could even be a better description. I've never seen some one catch a shark with their bare hands before, but with Porter there's nothing in the water that can't be done. 

I watched Porter Dive down into this little cave about 15ft or so under, I took a deep breathe to follow. As soon as I hit the sand I looked up to see Porter come thrashing out of the dark spot in the cave with a 3 1/2ft horn shark in his bare hands! Amazing! He got to the surface and I asked him what the heck!? he just said the shark was sleeping and he thought it'd be fun to catch it. Again, Epic!  


The remaining of the dive was swimming through caves underwater and visiting some fun caves above water in the rocks. Sweet Bra! 

Good Times guys! 


Underwater Adventure.

Yesterday was an awesome day! I went over to Porter's in Laguna to head out on fun underwater adventure. We did a little rock jumping, cave diving, body surfing, and lots of swimming. 

It was pretty crazy being in the caves. The cave mouths were at the waters edge and on the set waves the water closed up the entrances/exits. It'd go pitch black and for a few seconds and we had to wait for the water to rush in all around us then recede back out to allow the light to once again fill the cave. I won't lie, it was kinda scary, but super fun! 

There's never a dull moment in Laguna if your looking for an adventure! 

Laguna Beach Surf on a gloomy Sunday Afternoon.

Title says it all Folks. 

Fun with Porter Hogan never stops. :)