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Surf in Vero Beach, FL.

As promised here are the Surf shots from the weekend... I didn't spend a lot of time shooting photos, surfing just sounded like too much fun! I did have to put down the housing to pick up a board, glad I did. 

Tatum, River, and I met up with friends Buddy & heather Brown, and Donothan for a lil glassy surf sesh. Waves were waist to chest and a little on the mushy side, perfect day to take out the longboards. 


Here's my take of Photos: 

I never use my 50mm shooting surf, so these images are going to look a lot different than what I usually get. Whether intentional or not the 50mm gives water photography a very artsy feel... I dig it. 

I have never shot shore break with a 50mm either.. but after shooting these few images I know that this is a look I will try to be perfecting. Although with small beach break like these its almost impossible to get the 50mm into the barrel, I still think it gives an ascetic look that a wide angle will never be able to capture. You judge. 

Fun times in Vero Beach. So blessed to have the friends and family God has given me and the time in the Sand, Sun & Waves. 


-Nathaniel Harrington